What is code?

Writing code is how you create software, like apps and websites, for computers. Code is a set of instructions that a computer can follow.

In order for computers to understand instructions you write, you need to use a language the computer knows. These languages are called programming languages. Here is an example of some code, written in the programming language called Python:

print('Hello humans.')
total = sum([1, 2, 23, 4, 32])
print('Sum:', total)
Output from the code above:
Hello humans.
Sum: 62

In the example, there are 3 instructions the computer follows, aka 3 lines of code. The first line tells the computer to display the text Hello humans. The second line adds 1+2+23+4+32, and stores it in memory, to a variable called total. The third line displays the text Sum: 62, where total references the value stored previously.

You can run and edit this code yourself here.

Why Code?

  • Create

    Knowing how to code gives you the skills to start making websites, apps, computer art, and countless other things.

  • Jobs

    Many jobs go unfilled because not enough people know how to code.

  • Important

    As computers become more and more involved in our daily lives, it is important to know how to use and control them.

  • New way to think

    Coding skills apply beyond computers. They can help you become a better problem solver. You might even think of ways to make different jobs/tasks easier.

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Since we are a relatively new program, we are only teaching those in the high-school age range. Once we have more resources, we will expand to younger and older age ranges. Our lessons take place at Mission:City on Thursdays during the schoolyear. Look at our calendar for the most up to date information.

What you need

All you need is to come to our weekly lessons. We will provide the teachers and resources so you can start coding.

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